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Low FrequencyFederal Signal Rumbler® Low-Frequency Siren & Amp



  • Rumbler Siren Single Kit
  • Rumbler low frequencies deliver up to 10 dB more sound pressure inside civilian vehicles  near emergency vehicle—getting attention and clearing traffic more effectively than a standard siren tone
  • Low-frequency tones work simultaneously with primary siren
  • Produces penetrating/vibrating low-frequency sound waves
  • Interacts with most 100/200 W emergency vehicle siren amplifiers
  • Enabled via any emergency vehicle steering wheel horn ring
  • Eight-second safety timer provides automatic tone shutdown
  • Highly effective in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle traffic
  • Three-year warranty

What’s Included:

  • Rumbler Speaker Kit
  • 12v Amp
  • Universal Mount
  • Wiring Harness