Refunds & Returns

Return Policy

Minimum order size

The minimum size for all orders is $25.00, not including shipping charges. In certain situations, On Duty Depot may accept orders under $25.00, but these orders will be assessed a supplemental handling fee of $7.00 per order.


Payment arrangements must be made at time order is placed with On Duty Depot. For most situations, order must be paid via credit/debit card, or by bank transfer or money order before shipment of the goods. In certain situations, On Duty Depot may allow Net 30 credit terms, subject to On Duty Depot´s standard credit agreement; in such situations, all terms of the credit agreement apply to the order.


All order cancellations must be made by phone, before time of shipping. Specialty orders, including those with specialty imprints, may not be cancelable. Requests for cancellation that are received after the items ship will be handled under the refund policy below.

Signature Required Shipments/Refused and/or Lost/Stolen Packages:

All orders have the ability to be shipped with delivery confirmation and signature required. If you choose this option, and the package is refused upon delivery or your package is returned to us by the shipping company for any reason, you will be charged any and all undeliverable package fees incurred by the shipping company.

In certain situations, you may be able to choose a delivery option that does not have delivery confirmation or signature required. In these situations, the customer takes all responsibility for lost or undelivered packages. As an important note, On Duty Depot will not be held responsible for any items that are lost or are stolen after delivery by the shipping company, nor any shipments for which an incorrect delivery address is supplied to On Duty Depot.

Claims for missing merchandise or merchandise damaged in shipment

All claims for missing items and all claims for damage during shipment must be made to On Duty Depot within 10 days of delivery. After this time, any refunds, replacement, or exchanges for missing items of items damaged in shipment will not be allowed. On Duty Depot reserves the right to require photographs of the original shipping container for items alleged to be damaged in shipment.

General conditions for product returns

Do not return any merchandise without prior authorization or your package will be refused at your expense. For a return merchandise authorization (RMA#), please call 918-221-7822.

Returns for refund or exchange

On Duty Depot has a general 30-day return policy for most items. Most items in new condition with all original packaging will be considered for return within 30 days of date of purchase from On Duty Depot. Certain products, including memory cards, batteries, software, and DVD disks must be unopened to be considered for return. Specialty orders are non-returnable and non-refundable for any reason.

For maximum credit, ship returned merchandise in the original carton, and ensure that the item(s) are well packed to avoid damage. Return shipping charges are the obligation of the purchaser. Any return merchandise which includes a promotional item must be returned with the promotional item, otherwise the full retail amount for the promotional item will be charged.

All merchandise being returned for refund within return policy must:

  • Be in new resalable condition (free from scratches or any other type of damage).
  • Be complete with all original packaging, manuals, and accessories (all packaging, manuals, and accessories must also be in new resalable condition).
  • Have return merchandise authorization number on shipping label or packaging.

All merchandise being returned for exchange within return policy must meet the same conditions as units returned for refund.

Upon return, the goods will be inspected by On Duty Depot and a judgment made regarding the ability to be resold. Refunds will be made to the original purchaser only, and will be made at the sole discretion of On Duty Depot. All returns for refund (not returns for exchange) will be assessed a 15% restocking fee. All credit/debit card refunds are subject to an additional 5% credit/debit card transaction fee.

Refund processing

All refunds may take up to 21 days to process. All shipping charges are non-refundable. All products for which refund is requested are subject to evaluation as described above. Refunds will be issued to original purchaser only, for the amount of the merchandise after deducting shipping charges, restocking fees, any applicable credit/debit transaction fees, deductions for unreturned items, including promotional items, and any deductions due to the condition of the returned items. On Duty Depot is not liable for any bank overdraft fees or over-limit charges incurred for any reason.

Returns of Defective Units:

Do not return any merchandise without prior authorization or your package will be refused at your expense. For a return merchandise authorization (RMA#), please call 918-221-7822.

Exchange merchandise must be returned and received before replacement merchandise can be shipped. Any defects after 30 days from original date of arrival are subject to any applicable warranties and will no longer be eligible for exchange. In the event that a shipping method was used which does not allow delivery confirmation, delivery will be assumed to take place three (3) calendar days after the item was shipped.

Upon return, the goods will be inspected by On Duty Depot and a judgment made regarding the cause of the defect. Return of defective items is limited to manufacturing defects, and does not cover non-warranted events including normal wear and tear, unusual abuse, use of the product for other than its intended purpose, effects caused by attaching any third-party features or devices to it, or if it is in any way tampered with or modified without express written permission from On Duty Depot. On Duty Depot’s obligation is limited to repairing or replacing, as On Duty Depot may elect, any part or parts of such product which On Duty Depot determines to be defective in material or workmanship. Exchanges will only be made to the original purchaser. If the customer requests a refund, instead of repair/replacement, the refund shall be subject to the terms and conditions described above.

On Duty Depot does not provide loaner equipment. Same or similar merchandise ordered while a repair is being done is non-returnable.

Warranty Repairs

All products are covered by limited warranties from On Duty Depot and/or the original product manufacturer, according to the terms and conditions listed in the product´s manual. Please refer to the product´s manual for warranty terms, conditions, and procedures for making a claim under the product warranty.

In particular, On Duty Depot emphasizes the following items of its warranties:

  • There is expressly no warranty coverage for any damage caused to any device to which a product purchased from On Duty Depot is connected to. This includes no warranty coverage for computers or other devices, including no coverage for lost data, et cetera, resulting from the connection of any products purchased from or manufactured by On Duty Depot to said devices or resulting from the use of any software purchased from or manufactured by On Duty Depot on said devices.
  • As a further limit on warranty and as an express warning, the user should be aware that harmful personal contact may be made with seller’s product use in moving vehicles in the event of violent maneuvers, collision, or other circumstances, even though said products are installed according to instruction. On Duty Depot specifically disclaims any liability or injury caused by the products in all such circumstances.